Bruno's hotel, July 1st, 2013

There is a frenchman named Bruno who lives on Fanning. He is married to a Kiribati woman, and they have three children. The oldest is a cook on the Kwai. Bruno and his wife run a hotel called "A la belle etoile", the beautiful star.

Unfortunately, all the passengers from the Kwai decided to stay at the hotel, so there was no room for me. Instead, one evening Bruno invited us for dinner. It was very nice. As well as sailing by himself to this island in small boats, Bruno built this place himself. He is a very remarkable man.

One of the dishes we were served was "happy pig". On these islands, the pigs get sunlight and sometimes get to roam around, so they are much happier than the pigs that are confined to a small space with only artificial light. This particular happy piglet wandered into Bruno's house from the neighbor, and Bruno returned it. The pig wandered over again, and again Bruno returned it. The third time the pig came over from the neighbor, it became part of the menu. It tasted very good!