Aug 28-29, Ekaterinburg to Moscow

The train trip from Ekaterinburg to Moscow normally takes a little over 24 hours, but unfortunately I managed to find a train that took a different route and about 30 hours including two nights. The trip looked fairly similar to the trip between Irkutsk and Ekaterinburg, but there were fewer large industrial cities, and, somewhat to my surprise, about as many forests. The weather was mostly cold and rainy. I think the weather may explain both why the Russians like to drink, and why they are good with computers.

This is the Vyatka river.

Here are people selling berries on the train platform. I did not buy the berries, but from the train they looked like cranberries.

In the middle of the night, the train stopped in Yaroslav. I believe this is the mighty Volga river, with a green domed church on the banks of the river.

On the train, I met a man from Moldova. He spoke no English and I speak next to no Russian, but somehow we managed to communicate.