Fri, May 18, Seoul to Gyeongju

In the morning, I took the slow train from Seoul (leaving at 9:40) to Gyeongju, in the south. Billed as a "museum without walls", it is a former capital of the Shilla kingdom.

I arrived in Gyeongju around 3:30 after changing trains in Daegu. Both trains were a few minutes late. From the train, I saw lots of small mountains, similar in size to the mountains in the U.S. East, and several big rivers, beginning with the Han river in Seoul, which is huge.

I haven't visit much in Gyeongju yet, but on my way to the hotel, I saw some of the royal tumuli (burial mounds).

I am staying near lake Bomun, and everything here seems quite rural. I saw some cherry trees, and also a cultivated trees I don't recognize. It may be a loquat.