Mon, May 21, 2012, solar eclipse

Although the eclipse was total in some places, it was partial here.

The eclipse occurred soon after sunrise. Due to a miscalculation, I thought it would be in the afternoon -- thank goodness for computers.

I watched it and took pictures in two ways: directly with the camera, being careful not to look at the sun. Also, by poking a small hole in a piece of foil (dark paper would work too), and projecting the image onto any surface. The small hole works like a pinhole camera, and at a sufficient distance, gives an accurate if somewhat dim picture.

It helps to include some of the cushion (I am projecting onto the side of a chair) to get the camera to focus.

The camera shows the sun as a blob. However, some of the internal reflections in the lens do a good job of showing the eclipse.

Here in Gyeongju, the eclipse was not total, but this was probably the most eclipse I've ever seen.

And then, it's back to normal.