Wed May 23rd, Jeju Island

This afternoon I was running errands and eventually went to a place in downtown Jeju city (Jeju-Si) where you can see a rock on the seashore that supposedly resembles a dragon's head.

Unfortunately, I did not bring a camera. However, I went back the next day with a camera, so here are some pictures of the dragon's head rock, Yongduam.

I also found a large tent where some women divers were running a restaurant selling their catch of shellfish. Women divers are traditional on Jeju, but it apparently is a tradition that is vanishing, and indeed all the divers I saw were older.

Near Yongduam I also found a beautiful gorge. These three pictures are from the top, the middle, and near the bottom of the gorge. The total length of the gorge is less than a kilometer.

A pedestrian suspension bridge runs across the gorge. It swings and sways sometimes, especially when there are a lot of people on it.

The place is very popular. Everywhere I went, there were lots of people.