Nov 5, Tangier to Tarifa

Tangier has a nice beach, with good views of Spain across the Straits of Gibraltar. The hotels have yet to reach the same heights as Waikiki, but I did find an Araucaria (Cook pine or Norfolk pine).

The Medina (old town) of Tangier is not as amazing as Marrakesh, but still nice, at least as seen from the shoreline and the sea (I was walking to the ferry with my big backpack, so I did not visit the Medina).

Again, I was happy to be crossing the Straits of Gibraltar.

This time, the weather was better, and perhaps because of the weather, I saw some sailing vessels crossing the Straits, as well as the usual container ships.

Tarifa is the southernmost point in Spain and in continental Europe.

Tarifa also has some nice old towers and a fort. If you look carefully, you'll see modern windmills on the hill behind the tower.